AZ Box is stackable

If you’re looking for thrills, play jenga.

Have you ever tried stacking cardboard boxes? All the different sizes. The bulging tops and wobbly bottoms. Catastrophe. Stackability is one of our boxes’ best features. They come in two smart sizes, and the bottom of each container fits snugly atop the next so you can stack them up for space efficiency and better organization during your move.

sturdy boxes

AZ Box is durable

Just how precious is that exotic eggshell collection of yours?

Cardboard. You just can’t trust it. A cardboard box won’t stand up for you when the rain is beating down or when the movers stack your books on top of your martini glasses. AZ Box, on the other hand, are made of strong and durable plastic and have secure lids that snap into place. They don’t get soggy or beat up—so neither does your stuff inside of them.

no tape needed

AZ Box is convenient

No more wrestling with that damn packing tape.

AZ Box makes life easier. Not only are they delivered to your door, they also require no pesky packing tape. That’s right, you’ve circled the roll of clear aggravation attempting to find the end for the last time. Just fill the AZ Box with your stuff, move and then call us once you’ve unpacked and we’ll pick them up from your new place. It’s just that easy.

AZ Box is cost-effective

Treat yourself to some wine with a cork.

Moving time is no time to be wasting money. You’ll spend approximately 50% less renting AZ Moving Boxes than you would purchasing cardboard, so celebrate a job well done — and your financial savvy — by splurging on a little something for yourself. After all, you’ve earned it.

AZ box is sustainable

AZ Box, unless you hate the planet.

No tape. Less packing materials. More durable. Totally reusable. Unlike our disposable competitor, AZ Box live on to serve the community’s moving needs for generations to come. Our boxes are better for your conscience, and trees everywhere thank you.